PB is a beast! - Oliver Groom

Oli Groom is no stranger to this site, having given us the story of his amazing captures from a secret syndicate water some time ago. Well, he’s been doing the business back over at that lake recently, leading up to the capture of a new PB mirror…

“It has been a good year for me! I broke my PB with the stunning 48lb 12oz mirror that you’ll see here. My approach was fairly simple. I got to the lake at around 3pm, raring to go having pre-baited an area for a couple of days. It’s a deep run in the margin with a bit of tree cover. To be honest, I had fancied the spot for a while.
I placed a few handfuls of Squid 2T boilies on the spot, just to gain some initial interest in the area. I placed a rod on the spot shortly afterwards. I opted for a rig that I often use for my bottom baits. To make the rig, you need a size-8 Choddy hook, Mouthtrap hook link, a couple of Sinkers, a rig ring and a couple of bits of silicone.
You simply make a loop in the Mouthtrap through the eye of the hook. Place two pieces of silicone on the hook either side of a rig ring. To this, attach a soft, supple hair. On the hook link, I place Sinkers or putty on it to keep it pinned down. The hook is free moving on the loop, which encourages it to turn really well.
I recommend a hook link of around 4 to 5 inches. I've tried it longer, but find the shorter versions far better for hooking efficiency.
Having watched the water closely, I soon saw a few fish show about 40yrd out. It was blowing a nice Southwesterly straight at me. I had no action until midnight, when the rod rattled off and the result was a stunning 29lb scaly mirror.
I dispatched the rod back to the spot easily (it's only a rod length out). I then got back to sleep. The rod rattled off again at 3am, but this time I had a proper battle on my hands. The fish really scrapped well. I had a feeling it was a good fish as it was staying deep and felt heavy, dogged and powerful. I finally slipped the net under it and in the beam of my torchlight I could see that it was a lump. I was chuffed to bits as I recorded a new PB and a really stunning fish to boot. The other fish wasn't a bad looker either and it was a really cracking overnight session. My time spent baiting up had certainly paid off this time!”

Well done Oli – keep them coming!