PB For Picky - Martin Pick

Experienced big-fish man, Martin Pick, has been in touch to tell us about a good result that he had recently, taking a new PB common...

"Because I haven’t spent much time fishing in the last couple of years, I decided to spend a few sessions this spring down at CEMEX Yateley Sandhurst Lake. There is always a bite or two to be had, so I thought it was a good place to go to try out all the new Korda bits that I hadn’t used, like the Kable leadcore, Hybrid lead clips, N-Trap Soft and SUBline. Also, I wanted to try to catch a few on my new bait, the N-Blend from DT Baits. Suffice to say that 31 fish and a personal-best common later, I am very happy with the results.
At first, when the sun was out, I found that zig rigs worked well for me. However, latterly the carp have been getting their heads down on the bait properly, especially with all the rain and low pressure we have had.
When I caught the biggest common, I had arranged to fish with my mate Mark on a social. He had been struggling a little, so I took it upon myself to put him on the right track as it was good for the karma. I went into the swim next door to him as he was already there, but the following morning it was clear that the fish were a little further up the lake. With the lake being rammed out, we were pretty much stuck down near the Car Park swim. The fish were showing out in front of the Pipes and peg 10, not ridiculously far from the gully we decided to fish in. I baited up with a couple of kilos of 10mm baits but the first 24 hours passed with no bites.
The fish were still showing though, out in front of the Pipes.
With a new, strong wind set to push back down my way in the morning, I thought that this might push them our way if it picked up strong enough. Every now and again a coot would dive down on my spot and a small flat spot of oil came up from the bait, telling me most of it was still there. Instead of recasting back to the same spot and causing unnecessary disturbance I decided to leave them out undisturbed for my last night.
During the night Mark had a couple of nice twenty sevens. The wind had now changed and was pushing our way and getting stronger. Well chuffed for Mark, I got back into bed again for some much-needed sleep. At 6am I woke up in a puddle in my socks, holding the rod with a fish on that was just tearing the place up and it was raining quite hard too. I was so relieved to finally see it go over the net cord and well chuffed when it turned out to be a fish that I really wanted to catch called Bubble Tail at a new PB common weight of 37lb 4oz. After a couple more low twenties during the morning, the rain had eased but was about to hammer down again so I packed up my gear and headed back up the M1 on a high. Until next time, tight lines and be lucky!"