PB For Picky - Martin Pick

We've pretty much run out of superlatives to describe the season that Martin Pick is having! He chalked up yet another PB last week, banking a rather unusual specimen...

"When I turned up, I had a good look in the back lake where I’d caught from the previous week. Sure enough there were still a few fish about, so this is where I set up for my first night.

When I woke though the following day, the weather had gone much colder. It was obvious that the fish had suddenly done the off. I packed up and went looking to try and find them somewhere else. After a good walk around, the only fish I saw was a big mirror sitting under the snags in the Korda snags. I decided to plot up in there for the second night and not long after casting out, I received a take but unfortunately after a good scrap I ended up losing the fish not too far away from the bank. Knowing what resides in Welly I'm sort of glad I didn’t see it because chances are it was the fish I was looking at in the snags.

Throughout the night and in the early hours, I heard a few fish boshing out the other side of the island in the Hole in the Bush swim. It was going to become free the next day, so I moved into it like a flash for my last night. I saw a few fish straight the way so I blasted three singles at them for a while and, just before dark, I recast them for the night and baited up with half a kilo of Cold Water Mix 15millers around each rod. It wasn’t until 10:30am the following day, just an hour and a half before I was due to pack up, that I caught this new personal best ghosty of 44lb! What a way to save a blank. I couldn’t stop grinning all day!"