PB For Pick - Martin Pick

Current Carp Angler of the Year, Martin Pick, has been among the big fish again recently, a run that culminated in the capture of a new PB, as he explains…

“I started off my session in a swim called Boathouse, but after a couple of days the fish that were in the area when I set up had slowly drifted off. I decided that I would wind in and search for a potential move for the last night of my session to try and save what was beginning to look like bit of a camping trip.
I was almost all the way round the lake and back when I noticed the odd patch of fizz appearing down at the bottom of a long finger bay. This is a tiny little swim but there were definitely a few fish about. I fetched my tackle, then set my bivvy up away from the edge and started to sort out my usual reverse-combi Welly rigs, ready to cast out. I took off my usual 3.5oz leads and swapped them for 2oz versions in an attempt to minimise disturbance, then I sat and waited until it looked as if the coast was clear so I could get the rods in place.
With two underarm flicks I had both rods fishing. I felt the leads down and they hit the bottom with a thud. One by one, I scattered a mixture of about 20 or so DT Baits N-Blend and Cold Water Mix boilies around them. I decided to lower the third rod right in the edge, in a little gap the other side of a bush. After a couple of hours without any sightings, I thought that the fish must have pushed back up the arm slightly. It wasn’t until around 9pm, when a very big fish showed not that far from me, that my confidence levels started to rise again, rapidly.
I woke up at 3am to a single bleep. With the lake being flat calm I was sure this must be the fish moving back in. At around 4am one of the bobbins pulled up tight and I was into a fish. I think my brain was still asleep when I was playing the fish, in what seemed like a small puddle. The carp came up onto the surface pretty quickly and I thought my best chance was to try to net it before it woke up. With a bit of luck I managed to turn it around and, with a quick swoop, what must have looked like a rather panicky affair was over and the fish was in the net.
When I shone the torch on it to have a look, I could see it was a good ’un so I called my mate who, luckily, was in a swim about 60 yards away and he came over to help with the weighing and pictures. When we got the fish out the water I saw instantly that it was a fish called Thick Wrist, one that I really wanted to catch. Better still, it turned out to be a new personal best mirror of 46lb 2oz.”

STOP PRESS: Picky's been in touch again this morning, telling us about an even bigger fish that's obliterated his PB! More to follow when we have it!