Part Three - Couple Quit Their Jobs... To Fish Full Time.

“Our heads were spinning from the troubles of the last few weeks. I felt like a heavy storm, which had been blowing for days. The rustle of leaves made me believe that there would be another shattering hurricane. However, out of the blue I received an email from Team Korda Germany’s Christopher Paschmanns with news of a friend who would bring us some clear blue skies and optimism, his name was Stephane.

Stephane greeted us with his sunny smile. His hospitality knew no limits and following the arrival of another friend, Daniel, they would also take care of our car. Both Stephane and Daniel were like Samaritans to us. It seemed like the storm had played its last hand for the foreseeable future. Finally, our wishes came true and the car was fixed! We were mobile again. We were really pleased that the gearbox and clutch that we’d ordered were finally fitted and we were on our way.

Gypsy life was just not the same with a broken car. We visited and fished different lakes in the Provence. Without car problems and we caught carp with seemingly effortless ease. Nearly all rods we placed along the shore in shallow water caught fish. Confidence was back and two true bulls turned up in our nets. The catches were like balm for the soul, giving us release and happiness at last. And most of the time, the South French weather showed its gentle side with day temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Our faces were nicely warm after a sunny day at the lake; gypsy life was fun! For no money in the world I would swap the Colussus or the Volkswagen van for an apartment, and I was very happy being with a girl who also liked this lifestyle!

Kind regards from Team Gypsy,

Alexander and Caroline.”