Pablo Gonzalez continues his fantastic run of personal bests!

Not only did Pablo Gonzalez learn enough at Carp Academy to help him put some extra fish on the bank, but he has since been catching carp of a size that would make many older anglers jealous!

We recently reported how he had broken his PB four times in just a couple of days from a local water, including two fish topping 30lb, with the best going 32lb.

And now he has gone and smashed his personal best yet again with a chunky mirror of 37lb 1oz, and if that wasn’t enough he also managed to bank his first ever 30lb common!

Pablo enthused: “After my recent success on my local water I couldn’t wait to get back as my confidence was high and I was just waiting in a change in the weather, as I knew that would be to my advantage on this tricky lake.

“I walked along the mile-long lake and saw one fish show just on the edge of a large bed of surface weed, which was the closest that I could get to the fish as half of the lake was covered in weed and I knew that was where the carp were holed up.

“I knew how important it was to find the fish as my tutor at the Academy, James Turned had stressed the importance of being on the fish above all else.

“He’d also taught me how to feel the lead down every cast, and this has had a big impact on my fishing and has given me a view of what I am actually fishing on, as well as helping to ensure that the rigs aren’t tangled.

“I made a couple of casts with just a bare lead and was getting a very soft drop, so I knew that I was fishing on top of thick weed. I decided to go for my favourite chod rig, which I also learnt to tie at Carp Academy, and now knew when to adjust the height of them, depending on how thick and high the weed was.

“On this occasion I went for a 2 inch chod baited with a pineapple pop-up that had been soaked in Pineapple Goo for a long time. I baited the area with a mixture of Mainline Cell and Urban Baits Nutcracker boilies, plus a handful of corn.

“Just an hour later my rod ripped off and it ended up being a massive mirror of 37lb 1oz which was a new PB. I was delighted and it shows the impact of fishing effectively in these conditions.

“I put the rod back out and topped up with another 40 boilies, and just five hours later as I was packing my gear away I had a dropback, which resulted in the nicest looking carp that I have ever caught, a 30lb common which ended another brilliant session!

“In my opinion this just proves the impact that Carp Academy has had on me, as I’d fished this lake for a long time and I used to really struggle. But since the Academy I’ve been catching regularly and my fishing has changed, as I’m using every little tip that I picked up and my confidence has increased massively. I’d like to thank James, Korda, Mainline and Trakker, for the advice and mentorship, plus the tackle prizes which really helped me too!”