Oz Banks the Brute - Oz Holness

What a 12 months it’s been for Oz Holness. The Kent-based big-fish man banked the Burghfield common last year, and now he’s followed that up with the sought-after Brute from a pressured Berkshire stillwater.

After a long, cold winter campaign on a Yateley club water, Oz headed to the syndicate for the spring. After chasing the fish around for a few sessions, he began to form a plan, which revolved around a lovely silty strip that he’d found out from a swim called The Lawn. He began to apply his bait to either end of the strip and even saw his target fish moving between the two baited areas! During his first session on the baited areas, Oz moved onto showing fish in Motorway Bay, breaking one of his cardinal rules! True to form, he returned to his original swim the next day just in time to see the Brute pop up over his areas! Upon leaving, he gave the swim a good hit of bait. Vowing not to make the same mistake again, he planned his next visit, praying that no-one would have dropped into The Lawn.

On turning up for a three-day session, Oz was delighted to see the swim free and wasted no time in dropping his kit in there. The Brute was immediately spotted in the area; it seemed that things were coming together nicely. He waited for the activity to calm down before flicking his trusty multi rigs out to either end of the silty strip. On the final morning of his stay, Oz woke to a still, misty morning and immediately saw a huge fish poke its head out over the right-hand rod. He waited on tenterhooks all morning, until the run finally came. When Oz slipped a big, grey fish into the net, he knew that his time on the lake had come to an end! The big mirror weighed 48lb 8oz, and brought a successful campaign to a close. Well done Oz!