Overnighter produces a six fish haul for Lawrence East!

Lawrence East has been enjoying some great sport at various waters so far in 2017, but the carp at his syndicate water had proved elusive so far, with just one lost fish to show for his efforts.

Despite only fishing a short overnight session and having to be packed up for work by 5.30am, he managed to land six fish, including a chunky 28lb mirror known as Two Tone.

Lawrence commented: “I had a two week break from work, which was fast approaching, and a chance to string together a few nights. So I decided to try my luck beforehand by fishing an overnighter.

“I arrived at the lake around 4pm to find that nobody else was there, and I immediately found fish showing at the top end of the lake on the end of a brisk wind – that was all I needed to send me running back to the car to get my gear!

“Unfortunately due to it being weedy and having to find some clear spots to present my rigs on, it took a few casts around the swim to locate three holes, and things certainly quietened down after that. I now had three areas to present my multi-rigs on, and I carefully wrapped them up around my Distance Sticks and made a note of how far out each was, so I could reposition the rods if I had a bite, and I also now had them marked for future sessions.

“Although the fish had stopped showing I was still confident, so I scattered a mixture of Mainline Cell and Activ-8 boilies over the general area where my rods were, as the fish were quite active. My hookbaits were Mainline Cell white fluoro pop-ups soaked in Toasted Almond flavour and Peach Ade.

“I didn’t have to wait long for my first take, and I have to admit that it was the first time in ages that my legs had started to shake through nerves! The fight was fairly straightforward and the lead had ejected, so I managed to keep the fish well clear of any weedbeds until it came into the margins. But as I waded backwards to get the landing net it dived into a weedbed and buried its head, but I was able to free it using the landing net handle and a few minutes later it was in the net – it was only 16lb but every fish from this venue means a lot to me.

“Then over the next five hours I had another five takes and managed to land them all, including Two Tone, which is one of the real characters in the venue. That ended another overnight session where I managed to get my socks soaked when I missed my Crocs whilst trying to get to the rods quickly – but I didn’t care!”

Lawrence has complete faith in his version of the multi rig, which he ties using a size 6 Kurv hook and 20lb Kamo braid, and once again it produced the goods.