Overnight Success - Neil Spooner

I had arranged to do a quick overnighter with Simon Hammersley as a bit of a social and to catch up down at our local water. I hadn’t fished here for over a year so was unsure as to how it was fishing, Simon had only dabbled so he too was unsure.
I opted to go for a particle and boilie approach and was fishing at about 80 yards to a clear area in front of an island. The mix comprised some Bait-tech chilli hemp, a mixture of chopped nut, tuna and lots of DT Fish and Blood boilies. I put out about 35 Skyraider’s of bait tight to the marker float and then fished both rods on the spot. I decided to leave the 3rd in the bag as it was quite busy and the swim was a little tight.

The rigs were made up of Hybrid Soft in Gravel Brown, size 8 Kurv’s, small rig rings and the all important Sinkers(these things are amazing)! They were 6”in length and twinned with a very smelly stick mix.

The first of the action came to my left hand rod at about 9 o clock, but unfortunately it turned out to be a small tench. The rods were all marked up so a new rig was soon sailing back onto the spot. A couple of hours later and the right-hand rod was away but after a couple of seconds it was soon apparent that another tinca was to blame!
I decided to hit the sack at about 2am just after hearing a couple of carp boshing out in the area and 15 minutes later the right hand rod was away again but this time I was attached to what was clearly an angry carp. After a brief battle which I eventually won I was pleased to slip the net under a very nice looking mirror.
Up on the scales she swung the needle round to register a weight of 29lb 4oz so obviously I was over the moon.
The action didn’t finish there as just before first light I had another mirror of 20lb 6oz to put the icing on the cake.

At first light Simon took some great shots of the biggie (cheers mate) before slipping her back to her watery home. I would have loved to stay but it was time to pack up and head off to work.