Overnight Success - Jim Wilson

One man who certainly has the knack of getting among the big ‘uns is Jim Wilson and he’s continued his great run of recent form by banking another target fish. He takes up the story…
“I arrived at my syndicate water late on Monday evening, after making a short-notice decision to actually fish there. There were a couple of other lads plotted up around the pit and a swim giving access to shallower water really did look good. However, because one of the other lads was set up next door I decided to head to the opposite bank to a swim that I know fairly well.
I had the rods in position for about 20:30pm. All three were fished over a bed of whole and chopped Hybrid, along with hemp and added hempseed oil just to boost the mix a little. I had little Milky Toffee pop-ups on low, hinged stiff rigs on two rods and a snowman rig on the third.
I settled in for the night to see what would happen and after a relatively quiet night I swung my legs off the bedchair to stick the kettle on around 04:30am to sit and watch the water with a brew. Just as I fired up the kettle the middle rod, which was fished up against a tree line in around 22ft of water, pulled up tight and the fish started to take line slowly against the tight clutch. This was unusual because, due to the nature of the spot, I fish the clutch really tight.
On connecting with the unseen kipper it initially didn’t put up that much resistance until I got her under the rod tip and saw what I was connected to, at which point she went nuts and started stripping line from the tight clutch. After five or so minutes of toing and froing I eventually guided her over the net cord.
On the mat I instantly new she would be close to the magic 40lb and the scales confirmed it...
What a result, one of the A Team from the venue at 40lb 4oz!”

Well done Jim!