Overnight success for Luke Gilvray!

Luke Gilvray had been frustrated by the lack of time that he has been able to spend on the Essex Manor since joining, but that was quickly forgotten when he landed this cracking mirror known as Moon Scale and it weighed in at 44lb!

He finally managed to put together a few sessions and to start learning about the lake and the habits of its inhabitants, and finding some fish showing when he arrived helped him to bank his first fish from the famous venue.

Luke revealed: “My ticket started in April but I haven’t been able to fish as much as I had hoped to. Over the past couple of weeks though I’ve managed to do a few overnighters - five in total.

“On my latest session I arrived in darkness and did a quick lap of the lake, only to find that it was quite busy. But after half-an-hour or so of watching and listening I did manage to locate a few fish in an area of the lake in front of a swim known as the Steps, which was vacant. I made a mental note of where they had been showing and went back to the car to get my gear.

“Once I was in the swim I set about rigging up all the rods with Heli-Safe Systems, which is a set-up that I tend to use all year round, especially if I’m fishing on a water which I don’t know well and don’t know what the lake bed is like in front of me. This gives me the best presentation over all different types of bottom, and also allows me to cast at showing fish without causing too much disturbance. I was using this system so as to dump the lead on the take, so as to give me more direct contact with the fish without the lead rattling around and possibly affecting the hookhold.

“I fished this setup with spinner rigs, which I tie using 15lb IQ2 to a size 6 Kurv Shank hook, and an OCM fluoro pop-up which I infused with Outrageous Orange Goo. I cast all the rods out to where the fish had been showing and scattered 100 freebies over the area.

“As the sun started to climb, I received an occurrence on the left-hand rod but it didn’t develop, and when I looked more closely I noticed that my line was no longer pointing at the same spot, so I quickly wound down and lifted into my first Manor carp.

“After a good battle it began wallowing towards the net, but I could see the Kurv Shank was firmly in its bottom lip and I netted what looked like a good mirror. The fish tipped the scales at 44lb, and it turned out to be a glorious morning – not only because I’d caught my first fish from the water, but also because the sunrise was stunning. It was the perfect way to open my account!”