Overnight sessions between work pay off for Billy Flowers!

Despite hardly having seen the lake in daylight during his recent overnight sessions, Billy Flowers has still been managing to put a few fish on the bank!

The England International has been fishing short overnight sessions at his local Myths Pool Fishery, in Essex, and during his latest couple of trips he has managed four fish, including a couple of upper-20s.

Billy explained: “I’ve been very busy at work for the last few weeks and the only time that I’ve managed to get the rods out is for a couple of very quick overnighters in-between working.

“This has meant getting to the lake around 6pm and having to be packed up by 6am to head off to work. By the time I’ve managed to get the rods in the water, it has meant I’ve only been fishing for ten or eleven hours each night. This is why I chose Myths Pool as it is only around 2.7 acres and is quite shallow, with depths of four to six foot in most places, and this makes it an ideal winter water. It also holds some stunning carp, and the big girl came out at 47lb in the summer, so could potentially be 50lb-plus now!

“When I arrived I cast around with a bare lead until I found a harder spot, and then I clipped up and attached an Essential Cell pop-up on either a spinner rig or multi rig, and fished it over a scattering of Essential Cell and the new Fyber boilies.

“The first night was a success as I managed two bites, with the first one being one of the lakes smaller specimens, a mirror of 17lb, and then at 4am I landed a stunning scaly 27lb mirror. Considering the temperature plummeted during the night, I was more than happy with this result and it made the early morning pack-up in the cold worthwhile.

“I was buzzing to get back to the lake, and when I arrived at just after 6pm I was fortunate enough to get back in the same swim, which was handy as I’d put a bait of bait in when I left, and I wasted no time in getting the rods back out on the same spots.

“Within an hour of casting out I was landing a pristine 23lb common, and I soon had the rod back in place and jumped in the sleeping bag as it was minus two degrees. My alarm was set for 5.30am so I could begin to pack up, and just a few minutes before it was due to go off my middle rod was away and I was attached a very powerful and angry carp!

“It was all fun and games, as not only did I have to steer it away from an island, but also get back to my brolly to turn my alarm off, and then try to unstick my landing net from the unhooking mat as it had frozen to it! But after what felt like ages I was able to net my prize.

“It was a stunning linear which tipped the scales around to 28lb 12oz, and after a few photos I packed up and headed off to work, with the heating on to try and warm up!”