Overnight session produces a trio of fish for Jae Wright!

Jae Wright wasn’t feeling all that confident when he arrived at Linear Fisheries’ St Johns for an overnight session to find it the busiest that he had ever seen it!

He decided to have a walk round anyway and discovered that most anglers were fishing on zigs, and as luck would have it he spotted an angler packing up on the point swim, so he quickly dropped some tackle in the swim.

He was glad that he did as it resulted in a three fish catch, including a new personal best mirror of 29lb!

Jae explained: “I set up in rain showers and had a lead around to try and find a nice clear spot to fish on inbetween the weed, and eventually found one straight out at 15 wraps.

“I wanted to do something different to everyone else, so I decided to tie up some extra small Solidz PVA bags, filling them with crushed Tails-Up Pro Fruitz plus some half baits, plus some Hinders Little Gemz 50/50 mix.

“Around 8pm I finally had the rods out, but nothing happened and at 10.30pm I re-did them, wondering if I had made the right choice to try and be different to everyone else!

“It was a quiet night and I wasn’t hearing many other alarms around the lake, but at 3am my right hand rod screamed off and resulted in a stunning mirror of 22lb 15oz.

“The night flew by and at 7am the same rod was away again with a smaller fish of 15lb 2oz, but still very welcome.

“I’d just put it back and was boiling the kettle when I had three short runs on the other rod and thought a pike might have gone through the line in the margins, but when I picked it up I could feel that a fish was on.

“It got its head down in the weed, but when I put on some pressure it came free, and as it got near the rod tip I could see a big paddle sticking out of the weed. It was only when it was in the net and I parted the weed that I could see that it was a new PB.”

Successful tackle for Jae included a size 8 Kurv Shank hook to 4 inches of Super Natural braid, with a white Pro Fruitz pop-up.