Overnight hauling - Tyler O'Flynn

I had a week off work and had to go fishing with the weather looking great for a few bites, I decided for my first session to pop down to my local water, Northlands Park in Essex.

I got down to the lake about 4pm on Thursday evening and did not see one fish show for a long time, but I kept an eye out and eventually saw two fish show within five minutes of each other, right where I was standing.

I set up in a swim known as The Christmas Tree and the wind was pumping into my swim all day and all night - it did look great for a bite. So I set up the rods, rigged with 15lb Touchdown in green, and tied my rigs with Kamo coated braid and Krank hooks with a Mainline Cell hookbait tipped with a piece of plastic corn.

I was feeding 20 baits in the area over each rod every so often and casting out with a three-bait stringer attached. Not long after dark the right-hand rod peeled off and I was in to my first carp weighing 17lb 2oz. I was chuffed to land my first one as it was still early in the session.

The next morning I woke up with four fish landed, all on the ring hand rod. Two of those were 20s - one was 21lb on the nose and the other was 20lb 3oz, both commons. By midday I had landed six in total with three 20s and a known mirror named Dotty at 20lb 12oz. When it came to the end of the session and I had eight fish with three 20s, a few low doubles and a few bigger doubles to 19lb.

What a great session to start 2015 with – I can’t wait to get back out!