Over The Rainbow - Marco Holzel (Germany)

Here is a report of Marco Hölzel - one of our Korda German Workshop participants. He has put all the things learned during the school into his own fishing and it payed off again. We are very proud of our pupils and especially of Marco. Well done my friend...
(Etienne Gebel, Korda Europe)

“It was Wednesday and the school bell rang to signal the start of the six week holiday. Once home, I threw my school bag away, took my bike, picked up my bivvy and my rods and biked straight down to the lake. My favourite swim was free - perfect!
Then, a small but heavy rainstorm began to patter the surface and as the sun was also peeking out, created a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
Having waited for the rain to ease a little I spent some time feature finding using the Korda Marker Kit.
I found a bank of sand and gravel at a distance of about 50m, so clipped everything up to this feature. I then scattered half a kilo or so of home-made boilies around the area. Although the lake holds a good number of bream and other fish, which might pick up my boilies, this should’ve been enough.
Another aspect is that the carp in this lake are really pressured and shy so they avoid spots with lots of unnatural food. Apart from that my lead systems and rigs were quite simple.
I used the Safezone Leaders with Safety Clips - safety and a combi link of 30cm consisting of IQ Soft in 20lb combined with Supernatural, a Wide Gape X in size 6 and a small piece of shrink tube. Quite an easy rig, but in my opinion easy is often the best.
As hook baits, I only used pop-ups. Most time the carp get on your spot, feed on a handful of baits and move onto the next spot.
So, fishing with a pop-up is the ideal solution because it will often be the first one to get picked up.
In the following six nights I caught 8 carp between 23lb and 40lb – I was so content and amazed with my result. One week later little old me was again at this lake. New swim, new luck.
The last four days before this session, I fed two handfuls of my hand-made boilies per spot. One spot was again a bank of sand and gravel with a depth of around two metres. Same lead system and the same rigs.
During the following two nights, I managed to catch two more carp. The first night, I caught a common carp, which weighed over 39lb and I then landed a monster mirror carp, which went 48lb 4oz – a new PB!”

Marco Hölzel (Germany)