Outwitting Blackeye - Lee Hornsby

Having seen the sought-after Blackeye in the press over the past year or so, I just had to have a go for it. As soon as Chad Lakes turned to a day/week ticket my name was straight on the list for a session along with a few mates.
Having seen a DVD and copious amounts of articles on there, it would be easy to go there with a preconceived idea of what tactics to employ. However, I always like to do my own thing and opted to use my own knowledge to target these wonderful carp.

Having got there relatively early I chose a swim that gave me access to a main weed bed, which I felt the carp would be frequenting. To this I introduced a mixture of Active-8 boilies chopped and whole, along with some pellets. Going completely against the grain, I filled it in with a lot of bait. Around 7kg a night was my plan. At the end of the day, they're big carp and big carp have to eat to sustain their greed.
As a result, I fished Active-8 pop-ups KD style to a Kurv Shank hook. I also had a play around with zig-rigged foam during the daytime as they were often found higher up in the water.

Anyway, the session turned into a pretty spectacular one as I went on to land most of its prizes including the colossal Blackeye at 54lb,The Fully Scaled at 30lb and The Linear at 30lb 8oz. To back this up I caught a host of other sizeable mirrors and commons - 11 fish in total. As you can imagine I was over the moon because some people don't catch this many in a year on there. I guess I was in the right place, at the right time - and a little good angling of course!