Out Now! N-Trap Semi Stiff in Gravel Brown

N-Trap Semi-Stiff now boasts a new member of the family… and it is gravel brown in colour. Semi has gained huge popularity since its release, even though it was initially only available in weed green. Well, we thought that it was about time we released a gravel version and it’s now available at your local Korda stockists.

As with the other N-Trap variants, N-Trap Semi-Stiff Gravel Brown is available in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb breaking strains. The coating is considerably stiffer that our N-Trap Soft, which means that it’s perfect for the ‘resetting’ rigs that Ali, Tom Dove and Danny Fairbrass rave about on Underwater 8. Once carefully straightened, Semi stays straight and will push your hook bait away from the lead every time. This is particularly good over the hard gravel or sand that it’s been developed to blend in with.

It’s also perfect for creating crafty pop-up presentations like multi rigs and booms for hinged stiff rigs. Once again, the stiffness will help kick any kind of balanced hook bait away from the lead, giving perfect presentation and improved hooking performance.