Our new range of clothing is in the shops now!

Staying warm is a big part of winter carp fishing, and our new clothing in the Kore range will ensure that you can get out on the bank whatever the weather!

When spending time outdoors it is important to protect yourself against the elements so that you stay warm and dry, as it means that you will fish far more effectively and as a result will put more carp on the bank.

The best way to stay comfortable is to use multiple different layers of specially designed clothing, which you can take off, or add to, as the weather conditions change, or your activity levels increase.

This approach tends to consist of three different layers, with the first being a base which is designed to regulate your body heat and to wick away any sweat from your skin. On top of that, a second layer helps trap warm air and will typically consist of a hoodie, a fleece, or a combination of the two. Of course, you also need to stay dry, and keeping the wind out will also help to keep you warm, so some sort of jacket over the top will achieve that.

The new Korda Kore Thermal range is the perfect choice as an underlayer, with both a long sleeve shirt and leggings available. Both are made from super-soft, brushed-back, quick-dry, 92% polyester fabric, which is stretchy to enable the perfect fit and also make it easy to take on and off. This fabric has great wicking properties, keeping any moisture from sweat away from your skin, which helps to keep you warm, and is very good at regulating body heat as your activity levels, or the air temperature, changes throughout the day or night.

The Kore Thermal long sleeve shirt is longer than usual to ensure that it can be tucked into the leggings and won’t come adrift as you move around or bend over, and this makes sure that your lower back stays warm – an area where a lot of heat can be lost if not properly protected. It also has thumbholes at the end of the sleeves to help keep it in place and to stop it riding up your forearms.

Our new Kore Polar fleece is the perfect choice to wear over the top of the long sleeve shirt to form your second layer – the existing Polar Kombats are ideal for going over the top of the leggings. The heavy-knit fleece material provides plenty of warmth and is incredibly comfortable to wear, as well as being stylish. It has a snug-fitting hood which keeps your head warm and also prevents draughts from getting inside. The Polar Fleece has a high quality full length zip, as well as zipped pockets for stowing all of the essentials that you want to keep on you.

To complete your winter attire, we have also released a pair of Merino wool socks to ensure that your feet stay warm. The high-quality Merino wool blend is naturally breathable, so helps prevent your feet from sweating and also has anti-bacterial properties – any moisture/sweat is kept on the surface of the socks – but is also very easy to wash. Merino wool has a structure which creates air pockets that trap air and keep your feet warm, and should the socks become damp, they will still maintain their insulating properties.

All of these fantastic new products are available to buy now, either from your local Korda stockist or via https://www.korda24.com
They come in sizes from small to 3XL, and are priced as follows: Kore Thermal leggings £24.99; Kore Thermal long sleeve shirt £26.99; Kore Polar fleece £54.99; Merino wool socks £14.99.