Oscar Thornton tops an amazing catch with a fifty!

It didn’t take Oscar Thornton long to get to grips with a new water and to start banking fish, culminating in an amazing brace of big ‘uns!

He had been catching steadily with fish up to 41lb, but then his latest trip produced the biggest fish in the lake at 53lb 14oz, along with another of 45lb 2oz known as the Peach, plus several others to over 30lb!

Oscar revealed: “The new lake had a good stock of big carp, with one pushing over 50lb, and I know that they like a good feed, so on my first trip I went in with a heavy baiting approach and ended up catching six to just under 30lb.

“I’ve continued to fish this way every weekend since, putting out 8kg of hemp, 5kg of pellet and 3kg of 15mm Mainline Cell boilies when I arrive on the Friday. I then top up with about half that amount on the second night, or the same again if they are really having it.

“When it comes to rigs, I’ve stuck to what I know works – Kable leadcore with a lead clip and a 4oz lead, and on this I fish a blowback rig tied using a size 4 Kamakura Wide Gape hook to 20lb N-Trap. My hookbait is fished snowman style with a 15mm Cell bottom bait topped with a 10mm Pineapple or Milky Toffee pop-up.

“On this particular trip I arrived at the lake in the dark and the weather was perfect for it, so I expected the lake to be busy, but amazingly it was empty when I arrived. I sat in one of the central swims and listened for fish, and I heard one jump round to my left so I opted to go in there.

“I set about baiting a hole in the weed about 60 yards out, where I would fish two rods, and my other rod was fished on a clear spot 40 yards out behind a huge weed bed. By 9pm I had the rods out.

“My first bite came at 1am and as soon as I got to the rod it was in a weedbed, but I managed to tease it out. But every time I got it into the margins it powered off on a 30 yard run, and it was a brutal fight of around d half-an-hour before I was able to get it in the net. As soon as I put my headtorch on it, I knew which fish it was as the shoulders were so wide, it could only be the largest one in the lake!

“As I was sorting her out I had a savage liner on the other rod left on that spot, and I’d just put my net back together when it was away and I landed an incredible scaly 32lb mirror. I didn’t sleep a wink after that, knowing what I had sacked up, and I had a 20lb mirror at around 3am, and then another bite at 5am.

“This turned out to be another long, powerful battle before I could get it in the net, and once I did I knew that it was a fish called the Peach which went around mid-40.

The next morning my mate Ross and my girlfriend came down to help with the photos, with the big girl weighing 53lb 14oz and the Peach at 45lb 2oz. I can’t put into words how incredible this night was, and as I left around 10am I was still in a daze as to what had just happened – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to beat that for a nights fishing!”

Oscar has since returned to the same venue and carried on where he left off, with a fantastic 45lb 14oz mirror!