On TOP! - Seb Clarke

I recently visited Cobbleacre Park Lakes in Hevingham to do a 24 hour session and banked a monster. I walked round to my see my mate Ryan who was at the back of the lake on a peg called the 'Valley' so I dropped in next to him on a peg called 'One-Up'.
It featured some reeds down to the left and an island about 12 meters out in front of me with a large over hangling willow tree. It looked really carpy. I placed one rod on the willow tree and my other rod was next to the island a few meters down.
The bailiff, Bob, walked round and said that there were carp in the reeds to my left and that in order to catch them I'd have to be very quiet. I got my stalking rod out and rigged up with a size 10 Wide Gape attached to a freelined a mixer.
To start with I had to get the carp feeding, so Ryan and I fed mixers slowly and steadily. After a while, I saw a short, dumpy common swim through the reeds and sit under my hookbait just staring at it. It sat there for about 2 mins and then a ghost and mirror carp swam in to join it. The dumpy common then came up and slurped in my hookbait.
My heart stopped for that moment and then I struck. As soon as I felt it I jumped in and it tore off (I knew how deep it was because Bob had told me). When I was in Ryan jumped in with the net and after a surprisingly short, 6 minute fight it was in the net. I knew it was a PB. I took the hook out whilst still in the water as to not stress the carp out. As I put it on the landing mat, Nathan and another angler Keiron both said they knew who it was.
It was 'Cartoon', one of the biggest commons in the lake. It went 30lb 2oz and a new PB. I was thrilled! As the first few photos were taken I started gettig cramp in my thigh, not great timing!
I also had a 19lb common off the top in the same place.

Great stuff !

Seb Clarke