On the road to success

The recent work trip to Gigantica wasn’t just about the main lake; over the road is another one of Danny’s projects, The Road Lake. A few people from the office that either didn’t get on the main lake, or decided to venture over the road, also had a week to remember. Jon Sisson’s tells us his story.

‘Half way down the track that leads south towards Gigantica’s Road Lake you get your first glimpse of the waters’ surface through the trees. Much like the Main Lake, it has a deep turquoise hue that shelves steeply into the margins, becoming strikingly pale against the faded white gravel in the edge. The lake is around 30 acres, so it’s by no means a small venue, but it maintains a feeling of intimacy as the banks curve around a series of secluded tree lined bays. Rarely do I get the chance to fish for more that 24 hours at a time, so with seven nights ahead of me, plus 20kgs of Mainline’s Hybrid and a sack of pellets in tow, I couldn’t wait to get started.

After exploring my chosen swim I decided to focus on two areas; an open water spot of smooth sand in around 20ft of water, and a rod fished just down to my right on the marginal shelf. Rigs were to be kept simple - Dark Matter tubing, Hybrid Lead Clips, short Hybrid Stiff hook links and carefully balanced bottom baits. Later that same evening I was off the mark with an explosive take resulting in a furious mid-double common slipping over the net cord.

Over the course of the week I began to catch consistently, and it was a joy to familiarise myself with the varied stock that the lake holds. Although the majority were doubles, I finished the week with 21 fish to my name, which included two twenties before finally topping things off with a glorious 31lb common.

The Road Lake is a wonderful place to spend a few days fishing, especially when you include the excellent hospitality and food provided by Gigantica’s superb bailiffs. As the fish continue to grow, and the facilities continue to improve, I feel sure it will become one of the top carping venues in France’

Roll on next years trip!