On Fire - Ali Hamidi

Fresh off the back of his qualification to the British Championship Finals, Ali set about a short, overnight session on his target water - the Essex Manor. With the season well underway on there, Ali had been lucky to have 4 bites in 7 nights. However, with those 4 bites coming in his last 4 nights fishing he was going into this session with fire in the belly!
Ali had watched the venue closely on sessions during the previous two months and noticed how one particular area had been consistently left alone. With Darrell Peck doing so well fishing mobile on the venue, people had started to chase his shadow on a daily basis, which had made 75% of the swims very popular and 1 or 2 not so popular.
With that in mind, Ali ignored his angling instincts on arrival at the lake and rather than set up near where he saw fish, he went into an unfancied area that he was convinced would produce the goods. His target as always in an overnighter was a single bite!
No sooner had he parked his rear in the swim, that he noticed two fish ghost past in the margins of the swim clearly enjoying the lack of pressure on this lake since the passing of the Annie. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ali quickly lowered a single chod rig in front of the fish. An hour passed with no action and the fish patrolling the margins had disappeared so it was time to get the rigs in for the night. By 5pm Ali had two rods in position with a scattering of Cell boilies sprinkled in a big area over the top. The rigs were small combi rigs incorporating 15lb IQ2 and 18lb Supernatural. His confidence was sky high.
Ali explained "It was one of those sessions that you just KNEW something good was going to happen, I was so convinced that my little plan was going to come together that I sat spell-bound staring at the rods and the slack fluorocarbon mainline draping from the rod tips, it looked so horny"! Just as the initial early session excitement began to vain, Ali's left hand rod burst into action just one hour after being cast out.
Ali recall's: "Straightaway the fight felt heavy, the fish was plodding nice and slow and quickly made its way down the marginal shelf. After a steady but controlled fight, she was in the net, and it looked a good un! My mate Perry popped round to help with the weighing and pictures. It was a new UK PB Mirror at 37lb on the nose, I was ecstatic and already content with the session.
With rod back out perfectly, Tom Dove and my good friend Kenny came down for an evening chat! With light beginning to dim and the rod having only been out an hour, the left hander let out a single bleep, but with slack lines this normally means something fishy. No sooner had I thought that and the rod was away again!
A spirited fight had me telling Tom that it looked small, but what a fool I was, as the Dove From Above slipped the net under ANOTHER PB, in the shape of Popeye at 38lb 2oz! Could it get any better, you bet it could, but it got worse first, with the loss of a big fish at 3am. The hookholds on the previous two fish had been amazing so I was shocked to lose this fish." However, all was forgotten when at 5am Ali was away again: "The fight was monumental with this thing and it was no surprise when the lakes huge, ornamental Ghost Linear was whisked into the net! 34lb 4oz was her weight and what a stunning creature it was, all muscle and attitude, love it!
I rang James Armstrong to come and do the pictures, he turned up a few hours later, just in time to see me slip the net under another target fish in the shape of 'The Anchor' fish at 36lb 6oz!!"
It was just becoming one big dream for Ali and should they have not been spawned out, Ali would have had a trio of UK forties in 12 hours fishing!!
A couple of hours later and he slipped the net under another stunning carp, this time a lot smaller at 22lb, but alas an amazing result. Ali concluded: "After the little common, it just felt right to pack up. I could have sneaked another night, but I felt like I had bled the swim dry and also every other angler on the lake had moved to the left and right of me, it was time to go home, saviour my session and pack my bags for a holiday to Thailand"!