On A Roll - Neil Spooner

Korda Sales Manager Neil Spooner has been having a great season, which continued this morning! He followed his early-season 39lb common with another big ‘un. Neil takes up the story. “I turned up to the lake at around 6pm to find six people already fishing. The lake isn’t the biggest and as a result I had to fish on the back of the wind in a secluded bay. I watched the water for a bit and in all honesty it was pretty uninspiring, so with nothing to go on it was a case of fishing spots that had produced in the past.
The left-hand rod was baited with a Cell cork-ball pop up on a two-inch chod rig and cast to a small gap in the tree line. This was then baited with about twenty boilies over the top. The other rods were baited similarly with one cast tight to a reed bed and the other to the back of the bay.
Just as I was getting organised the rod cast to the bay signaled a violent take. With the clutch being locked up the rod took on a healthy curve straight away. The culprit was a scrappy, low-double mirror, which was a real confidence boost so early in the evening. About an hour later the same rod was away again and the result was the same, with another small mirror.
I opted to sleep under the stars right on top of my rods as they were all fished with tight clutches and giving them any line was an almost definitely a lost fish. I drifted off to sleep at about 11pm to be woken up by my alarm at 4.30am. I was a little disappointed as I really expected to have a fish through the hours of darkness after having two others so quickly. Thankfully, I didn’t have to leave feeling too upset as, at about 5.15am, the rod cast to the tree line signaled a very aggressive take. I was on it in a flash as the fish tried to gain sanctuary in the trees but I quickly gained line and turned it away from danger. After a real tussle, which lasted about 10 minutes, the fish was soon gulping at the surface and was netted first time. Up on the scales she went 29lb 4oz and a great way to end an overnighter! To top it all (thanks to earning brownie points) I’m back down there tonight!”