Observation provides a flurry of action for Lawrence!

Lawrence East has been out during this recent spell of mild weather, and he has capitalised with a hit of some lovely winter commons!

Windows of opportunity are often very small at this time of the year, here is Lawrence’s account of how he recently capitalised on one such window.

“With this recent spike in air temperature, I decided to nip out for a quick overnighter on a local club water. I arrived after work on Friday afternoon around 15:00 and after speaking with a few regulars I found out that nothing had been seen for a while, let alone caught.
Even with the knowledge that nothing had been out for a while, I was still confident that the weather will have lead to at least a few carp investigating the warmer areas in search of an early spring meal. I had a good walk around but with no signs of fish to go on and with most of the anglers set in central swims, I opted to fish a quiet bay at one end of the lake. The bay had a nice south easterly wind blowing into it and with it having slightly shallower water than the rest of the lake, I hoped some of the fish may have drifted in on the warm breeze.
The main peg in the bay gives you access to an otherwise out of bounds area that contains a prominent bar of around five to six feet, this bar gradually slopes off to around 18 feet in the middle.

With the fish not giving anything away, I decided to put all three rods on different spots to cover as much of the bay as possible. Two rods went onto the slope of the bar in 8ft of water and the other I positioned in around 15ft. I opted for my ever faithful multi rig’s constructed using Korda Kamo Coated Hooklink in 20lb and a trusty size 6 Kurv Shank.
White hook-baits had produced most of my bites throughout the winter so I put Mainline Diamond Whites on two rods and a yellow IB pop-up on the third. Over each rod I put one spomb of a premade mix consisting of chopped Cell and Activ8 boilies, chick peas, Response Pellets and a sprinkling of corn. I also added some of the IB stick mix liquid over the whole mix and let it soak in overnight.

Just before sunset I thought I noticed a fish poke it’s head out 10 yards to the left of my swim. Although I didn’t see the fish, I was 90% sure it was a carp and over the next 30 minutes I watched fish show regularly, which confirmed my suspicions.

The evening came and went without event, but at 21:00pm the indicator dropped back on my right-hand rod and I lifted in to a healthy resistance. After a short fight, I slipped the net around a lovely dark 23lb common. It was safe to say that after a few weeks away from the lake and with rumours of how poor the fishing had been, I was over the moon. 

After the common, a quiet night followed and fearing the carp had moved, I was up just before first light to look for any signs of showing fish. It didn’t take long to see the first signs of the day and shortly after making myself a brew, a fish head and shouldered to my left, right on the spot I’d seen them over on Friday. I quickly wound my left-hand rod in and skipped it along the surface, as the rig approached the rings left by the showing carp I stopped reeling and allowed the rig to sink exactly on the spot.

Before I'd even managed to clip my bobbin on I’d had a take, pulling the line straight out my hands! This quick bite resulted in a small double figure common, which was unhooked in the net and the rig was put straight back on the spot with the first cast.
No sooner had I let the little common go, the rod was away again and another small common soon lay in the net. By this time, I was cursing myself for not putting a rod there sooner! An hour or so later the same rod was away again and this time it felt like a better fish, after a short, but spirited tussle I had a lovely 21lb mirror in its winter colours. 

Despite the flurry of activity that was the last of the action for me. I'd been given the green light to stay another night but opted to spend a bit of time at home before the much anticipated spring really arrives”