Not So Grim Up North - Stephen Nickson

Upon my arrival, the lake was fully booked out with 16 anglers in total. 
Not to be disheartened, I decided to present a bolt rig set up incorporating a 3oz Korda pear swivel lead with clay tubing and buffer beads.
The end of the rig was Hybrid Stiff fished Withy Pool style with a bottom bait – hook choice was a Wide Gape B in conjunction with a long hair also.
I was fishing 60 yards out half a foot from an island. - every cast I attached a PVA stick with crumbed Fusion boilies and used Fusion as the hook bait. To do something different, I scattered the baits via a throwing stick. This was to induce the fish into searching for the bait rather than having it presented on a plate.
I did the same for 2 rods, however, only getting action from one. Every 4 hours I would top up the swim with 200 boilies over each rod or when I received action. A few carp had been landed from the rest of the lake, within the first couple of days, but I hadn’t caught anything at this point and was wondering where I had gone wrong. I just needed to sit on my hands and wait a bit longer
Suddenly in the last 36 hours of the session I ended up with 10 fish in total – 3xtwenties 4xdoubles and two under 10lb. please take a look at the pictures in order -- 
mirror 26lb
mirror 25lb 2oz
common 23lb 8oz
 I know these aren’t big fish compared to the standards of down south but up here its hard going at times. 

I targeted the lake a week or so after my hit and it had 8 other anglers on it, with the weather being a cold northerly wind and rain on and off for 5 days. I Fished using a Korda lead clip set up with solar contour leadcore. A 2oz flat pear swivel lead was attached to this. The end rig being yet again a Withy Pool style rig with a long hair used with a Cell 14mm bottom bait topped off with artificial corn.
I fished one rod to a gully at 40 yards and the other to an island to the left of my swim. I decided to introduce more bait than my previous session. I took 5k Mainline Cell 14mm boilies with me and put in a good 1kg over each rod with 8 spodfuls of Partiblend with crushed boilies over each rod every 8 hours. Only 4 carp were caught the whole week and yet again it took a bit of time to get them over my bait. Just over 36 hours into the session I lost 2 fish, one from each rod. I had a thought about a rig change but then thought it’s just the way it goes sometimes. However, a little change won’t do any harm, if anything it will improve the hook hold. With the bottom being clay, I changed from a Korda Wide Gape hook to a Korda Longshank and it seemed to do the business. I ended up with 4 fish - 2xtwenties and 2 doubles.