Not All Roses - Jake Wildbore

Most of you looking in at the catch reports might start drawing conclusions that our bailiffs over at Gigantica are just fishing week-in, week-out! Let me reassure you, that is far from the case!

Our bailiffs work right around the clock, whether that’s cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner or daily cleaning, writing the catch reports and most importantly, making your trip a memorable one.

Recently, we have been extremely quiet. Whether that’s down to the time of year, with spawning on everyone’s minds, or with the World Cup on the horizon. We only had one person on in the middle of May, which I still can’t get my head around! The main lake has fished better than ever this year, catch reports are through the roof, yet despite this we’re still relatively quiet.

So, with only one other person on, Michael Mack had the chance to wet a line during the nights between work. Firstly he managed to sneak a four out of Pole Position, the biggest being a lovely, clean 42lb 4oz mirror. After that, he moved round to Co’s Point where he finally latched into one of the big girls, which turned out to be a new personal best at 57lb, a fish known as Two Time.

Tactics wise, he found a clear area at 28 rod lengths straight out of Co’s and presented an IQ D Rig, baited with the ever-faithful Banoffee wafter. Michael always opts for this setup for a few reasons. Firstly, because it is such an effective rig, as Danny Fairbrass has proven, and also, after a hard days work, the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with fiddly rigs and PVA! This rig is bomb-proof, matched with a balanced bait, it will always re-set itself and if you feel the lead down correctly, it will never tangle.

Although it’s great to see Michael getting amongst the action that week, in my eyes, the best capture went to our paying customer, Steve Nelson. He started off the week in Alamo, but unfortunately has recently suffered a shoulder injury. So, he was unable to hit some of the long-range areas, where the fish were regularly visiting. After some advice, he moved round to the Tree Line Swim. His move paid off, he managed to catch the breathtaking scaly known as The Cheese at 47lb 8oz.

Well done both,