Nine fish haul on Solidz PVA bags for Jae Wright!

Jae Wright’s year so far has been comparable to the old adage about buses – he waited for ages for one to come along, but when it did, he ended up with a nine fish catch!

It had been a slow start to 2017 for Jae, but that all changed when he paid a visit to a lake in Dorset, and although he didn’t land any monsters, he topped the catch with a cracking 27lb 12oz common.

Jae explained: “I was fishing at a beautiful water called Oak Lake, on the Coking Farms complex, and once I got my first fish of the year it was quickly followed by eight others.

“I wasn’t feeling all that confident as there had been a draw for swims and I didn’t manage to get in my first choice. Then a fish was caught in the opposite corner of the lake to where I had ended up, which knocked my confidence even more as it couldn’t have been further away from me!

“The lake is around 4.5 acres in size, with two islands, and has a good stock of fish, with around 400 that go to mid-30s, so I knew that at some point during the session I should have some carp in front of me.

“I thought they would be patrolling along the back of an island where overhanging reeds were creating a safe area for them. I decided that the best tactic would be to put everything in an XS Solidz PVA bag and cast it tight to the reeds, knowing that the bait would be presented okay and not caught up.

“My rig consisted of a 3oz inline pear lead with four inches of gravel coloured Supernatural braid to a size 6 Kurv Shank hook baited with a Tails Up Pink Fruitz critically balanced dumbbell, and I filled the bag with Hinders Little Gemz Combo mix.

“After a blank night, my first fish came at 7am and weighed in at 15lb 4oz, which was a good start, but then they just got bigger as the day went on. I even reeled in for a few hours for our social barbecue, and when I went back to my swim afterwards the action continued and I was into a 27lb 12oz common just minutes after getting the rods back out again!

“As darkness arrived I was expecting the rods to fall silent until first light, given the lack of action the previous night, but that wasn’t the case and I managed to catch another four before the action finally slowed up at around midnight.”