Night Of The Common - Bruno Medou

Over the weekend, I settled on fishing an area of the River Seine that I particularly fancied trying. I was targeting some carp in very demanding conditions, just by the snags that were found on the opposite bank. Accurate casting and baiting up is integral, as the fish swim along the bank under the snags, without really getting out. I'm adamant that this is down to the amount of natural food which falls from the trees.

Like I said, the snags are savage and as a result I opted to use some very strong tackle - a 25lb Supernatural hook link in conjunction with a Wide Gape X size 6 hook. As for the baits, my choice is to use spicy baits when I am targeting big commons. Common carp, contrary to mirrors, need a lot of carbohydrates. Spicy, hot stuff just like seeds are full of hydrates and that is the reason why I decided to fish with the Mainline Pulse boilies.

During the course of the night, I received two bites and landed two magnificent commons weighing 38lb and 41lb respectively. At 1pm the next day, in the scorching sun, I was to be lucky enough to catch an extremely long and powerful, giant common. It was more than one metre in length and weighed a magnificent 46lb. I was proud of myself. At the beginning of the season I had already been lucky enough to land a 50lb + common, and I hope the French saying “never 2 without 3” will prove right before the end of the season.

Bruno Médou (France)