Nick Longpre has been having an amazing run of fish!

Nick Longpre has been making the most of having a bit of spare time to go fishing, and has consistently been catching fish to over 30lb from his syndicate lake.

Having already landed one of the big ‘uns - Black Scale at 33lb 14oz – he then enjoyed a run of good fish up to 29lb 15oz, culminating in a chunky 31lb 12oz mirror!

Nick explained: “A mate had caught a couple and I knew that I had to try and get down there, as with low pressure and south westerly winds coming in, if I could get in the right peg I had a chance of catching a few.

“I arrived to find that there were only two cars in the car park, which put a smile on my face as I knew I had a good chance of getting into one of the swims that I had in mind, and after a few laps I settled on a peg that controlled a lot of deep, open water, and also gave me a good view of the lake. I knew that it would be a good bet in these conditions.

“I Spombed out some crushed boilies and help to a couple of areas I’d caught from in the past, and soon had my rods out, which were fished on snowman rigs tied with size 4 Wide Gape hooks to N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links, fished on a helicopter set-up with Kable leadcore and a Heli-Safe bead.

“It looked really good for a bite, but nothing happened until first light when I landed a lovely 24lb 12oz mirror. I got the rod back out and called my mate to do some photos, and I’d only just put it back when the same rod was away again.

“It weeded me up about 40 yards out and in the end the only way to free it was to jump in the boat, and after playing it for another five minutes I netted a lovely scaly mirror of 17lb 10oz.

“I had been planning on packing up but decided to stay on for an extra night and that resulted in my biggest one of the session at 29lb 6oz.

“I was on a bit of a roll and wanted to make the most of it, so I was back at the lake as soon as I could, and that resulted in a 29lb 15oz mirror the next morning, which fell to the same rig again.

“Things continued to go well, and my last couple of sessions produced some more good fish, including mirrors of 31lb 12oz and 28lb 12oz. But the highlight had to be stalking a new PB common out of the edge, which weighed in at 30lb 8oz and fell to my usual rig.”