New-Water Success - Elliott Gray

I was recently fortunate enough to become a member of an Essex syndicate called Golden Gates. It’s a nice water with a decent head of big carp and to be honest I was quite excited about getting down there. Due to the nature of the stock I thought that it would be prime for some boilie fishing with the chod rig. I haven’t used chods too heavily for a couple of years now so I was really looking forward to using them again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used them consistently for the last four years but the days of a chod on all three rods seemed a long way behind me. I haven’t solely boilie fished for a while and therefore the chods have been used here and there rather than religiously.
In my eyes, fishing with the chods is a totally different way of angling to the norm and all the messing around that comes with particle fishing is out the window. It’s more a case of finding the fish, spreading the bait with the throwing stick and then flicking the rods out among it all. It feels a bit crazy to begin with but once you’re in the groove it really is a nice way to fish.
I became rather fond of our new Mouth Trap filament this spring while fishing with hinged stiff links so I’ve been looking forward to using it with the chods. The ease with which you can set the curve in the hook section is something I really like. As well as being easy to curve, it’s important that the filament stays curved, which this does. Along with the Choddy in size eight, the Mouth Trap did me proud early on in the year and I was keen to get involved again.
Adam Penning had also showed me a blinding edge some weeks ago, based around the loop that Jim Shelley incorporates into his chod rigs. It was a small change but is a lot neater and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Last week I landed my first Golden Gates carp in the shape of this beautiful 27lb common. It was absolutely nailed in the bottom lip on the choddy with the loop. I’ve always had good hook holds with the chods but I get a feeling that the consistency could be a lot stronger from now on. We shall see.