New Videos!

Ever seen a Siamese carp before? Well, if you haven't, or just want to refresh your minds with this incredible carp, you have to check out the next installment of The Thailand Adventure. Once again, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove tackle the prehistoric creatures of Topcats with great success (to view, check out Fish Action found in The Movies Section under Thai Adventure Part Three, or Ali Hamidi's page found under Team Korda.)

Rig masters Damian Clarke and Tom Dove give their views on the wonderful world of rigs. Tom shows us the innovative muzza rig that has accounted for loads of big fish across the country. Then, we have Mr Clarke sharing his advice on quick-change rigs to keep you hauling.

Adam Penning reveals the art of solid bagging - a tactic that seems to be forgotten by many, and then we have Danny Fairbrass on a unique lead system (to view, check out Rig Tip Footage in the Movies Section for all the videos outlined). Alternatively, look in each of the Team Korda angler pages for their dedicated videos. You cannot fail to learn from these fantastic tips, so get browsing folks, hope you enjoy!