NEW Thinking Tackle Episode 2

After an epic start to their Thinking Tackle On Demand session in France, Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck are hoping for more of the same during the rest of their adventure at a public lake in France.

Having already managed to bank a 70-pounder, with a massive mirror that fell to Danny’s rods, the duo have plenty of time left to put a few more monsters on the bank before they have to head back home.

Episode One ended with the capture of the big ‘un and they had also managed to bank a number of other quality fish, including a 53lb mirror for Darrell, which was an amazing result given that they had both only seen the lake for the first time just three days earlier.

Conditions haven’t been ideal as they have purposely timed their session for the early part of spring to try and avoid the crowds, which can make it very difficult to target these public waters at times, as anyone with a carte de peche (rod licence) can just turn up and fish, but these venues are also home to some very large carp and are often overlooked by the majority of English anglers.

Despite only having been on the water for a few days, as you would expect from two anglers of this quality, they are already starting to piece the puzzle together and work out what the fish are up to, and it isn’t long before they find themselves getting amongst some more of the gems that this lake is home to.

As well as capturing some great footage of the fish that they catch, this episode of Thinking Tackle also explains in-depth why they are fishing in the way that they are, and follows them as they ring the changes to improve their catch rate even more for the rest of their session.

They go into great detail about exactly what they are using in terms of bait and rigs, and why, and this includes looking at how they fish the spinner rig, and the components that they favour for it.

Even if you don’t fish this type of venue yourself, the thinking behind much of what they are doing can be taken to any venue and will improve your catch rate, as both are firm believers in the fact that carp are carp, wherever they might swim, and that there is no need to suddenly change everything that you would normally do, just because you happen to be on a lake in France.

As well as being packed full of useful tips and advice, this episode is also very entertaining to watch as it follows two good friends sharing their knowledge as they try to maximise the time available to them.

Thinking Tackle On Demand, Series 2, Episode 2, will be available on Monday 6th May from 7pm onwards and you can watch it via Korda.co.uk and our Official YouTube channel.