New Team Korda Hoodie out this week!

The hugely popular and stylish Team Korda Hoodie is now available in brown as well as the original olive or black.

This hoodie has been designed in-house at Korda and made in the UK, so rather than just being off-the-peg with a logo stuck on, this one has been made from scratch by anglers for anglers!

It’s been modelled for the perfect fit and functionality, as well as looking good when you are wearing it, and is packed full of features, many of which may sound small but all add to the functionality of the product, and it is often these small touches that really make the difference.

One problem with a lot of fishing clothing is that in order to keep you warm it tends not to allow free movement, but we’ve designed this hoodie with an ‘action fit’, using a raglan shoulder and stretchy underarm panel, which retains a tailored fit whilst allowing easy movement for things such as casting and fish playing.

The hoodie has been cut from 320gsm fleece jersey, which gives a nice cosy feeling, and the crossover fronted hood gives a snug fit that helps keep the wind out. The hood also has neat drawcord loops, meaning they can’t dangle down in front of a fish whilst you’re holding it for a photo!

The thumb inserts in the sleeves are a nice touch, especially during the colder months as that helps keep your hands warm.

‘Kangeroo’ pockets on hoodies are notorious for not being the most secure – which isn’t great when barrowing gear around a lake or even out in a boat when you have your phone and car keys in it – but this one has two gadget pockets to hold these types of items securely, plus a remote for your buzzers. They are available in sizes from small to 3XL and cost £34.99. Available from next week from Korda stockists or via: https://www.korda24.com