New Super-Subtle Backleads

Our latest addition to the range of Intelligent Backleads is now here in the form of a tiny, 0.25oz/7 gram version. Intelligent Backleads are designed to pin the line down, keeping it close to the lake bed between the angler and the baited area. At Korda we believe that line concealment is a vital aspect of successful carp angling and these will ensure that this is successfully achieved! The new versions are the smallest in the range and are perfect for subtle, close-in work.

The backleads can be set to stay on the main line without dropping off or they can be set so that the backlead breaks apart when snagged in weed. The super-slick plastic attachment ensures that the backlead will glide easily down the line, dramatically decreasing the chance of movement at the rig end.
Backleads are most effective over even, flat bottoms and are an excellent way of preventing a hooked fish from picking up your other lines.

The range now boasts a 0.25oz, 0.5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz backlead so between them you’ll have all situations covered.