New record for Gillhams

Keith Williams from Carshalton in Surrey joined the Kevin Hudson group exclusive 9 nights lake booking at Gillhams Fishing Resorts in Krabi Thailand. The trip was a birthday treat for Keith who will be 56 on the 14th October. His birthday present came four days early, when fishing from swim D3 Keith had a fast take on his left hand rod. After a 20-minute fight Keith landed the incredible Siamese carp weighing in at 134lb 7oz.

Catching fish this size you need to be fully equipped with the right gear, 50lb braided hook-link. Attached to a size 1 Wide Gape, bait of choice was a double 25mm special pellet exclusive to the resort, used in conjunction with a large solid PVA bag filled with 10mm resort pellets.

Its strange how premonitions so often come true in fishing, the night before Keith could not sleep. He was sitting on his balcony looking over the 12-acre lake at 4am; Keith remarked to his wife that he just knew today was going to be special. Fishing at Gillhams is 7am through to 8pm. At 6-30am Keith was sitting in his swim eager to start, he was telling everyone he could feel in his bones that today was going to be a good day!

Keith was fishing a well known feeding area for the Siamese carp, on top of a sand bar in 16 feet of water, casting 40 yards out from the swim affectionately known as Cobley’s. During the morning Keith landed three Siamese carp to 60lb, and then at 1-30pm his premonition came true with the big one. After heading to the bar for a celebratory drink he returned to his swim in a daze, he did catch a small carp by Gillhams standards at 30lb but after the previous fish size was immaterial. The potential record claim has been submitted to the IGFA, as all rules were adhered to for the claim this fish should become the new official Siamese carp record beating the previous best fish of 114lb 10oz.

Very well done Keith.

For more information about this fantastic place, please visit- http://www.gillhamsfishingresorts.com