New Products Touchdown

We have a whole host of new products leaving the Korda stable today! Arriving in most tackle shops tomorrow, here is the low down on what’s coming out…

First up with have a new edition to our hook range, the Krank Choddy. It has the same sweeping curved shank as the original Krank hook, as well as a beaked, slightly offset, point and a very wide gape but with a big difference, an out-turned eye. So this hook is perfectly suited for you ‘Chod’ or ‘Hinge’ users and based on the amazing results of the original Krank alone, this hook could change your season.

Now, we have a new line to our range, Touchdown, which is a versatile all round line that suits every angling situation. It’s incredible low stretch properties maximises indication and casting potential, whilst retaining soft and subtle characteristics. Touchdown sinks well, cutting through the surface film, reducing the bow in the line after casting and concealing itself on the bottom. It also retains amazing knot strength and abrasion resistance allowing fish to be landed in the most testing conditions.

It will be available in the popular breaking strains of 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb, covering all your angling requirements whether at home or abroad.

Next up with have the Line-Saver Bead, this clever little tungsten bead has a tapered section which, when used with the naked chod, allows the swivel to run up and onto it during the fight, saving the line from wear and tear during your session.

And finally, we have the Tip Safe. These neat little neoprene sleeves hold both tip and butt section of your broken-down rods together when packed away. They’re quick and easy to use and ensure that your rods are safe and ready for your next session.