New products have arrived.

The latest addition to the Fake Food family has just arrived! Following the great success of the maize and corn, we have now added Slow-Sinking Dumbells to the range.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into perfecting these excellent hook baits. Danny was the main man behind the whole Fake food project; he has been very passionate that they should have precisely the right amount of buoyancy. As a result, the dumbells will sink under the weight of the hook, making your rig instantly more effective.

The Slow-sinking Dumbells come in three different sizes to suit your baiting situation. There is a 8mm version that replicates small pellets, as well as 12mm and 18mm versions when larger hook baits are required. All three have been extensively tried and tested by Team Korda.

To keep your options open there are four different flavours to choose from, each with its own distinctive colour. The flavour combinations have been carefully formulated over many years of experimentation and are proven fish catchers.

All come with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above, a trick taken from some of the best plastic users in the country. We’re confident that this small but deadly range will soon dominate the plastic baits scene.

Also, adding to the existing range of textured leads, are the square pear swivel and inline leads in 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5oz.

Twenty-one years ago Korda began with Dan making leads in his shed, and even then he paid great attention to developing the camouflaged coating.

Dan told us, “Ever since I started, I’ve paid great attention to camouflage aspect of my rig. This has permeated every aspect of Korda’s product range. This addition to our lead range satisfies the almost constant demand for textured leads in colours that actually match what you’re fishing over. I stress this point because 90 per cent of the existing textured leads do not match what they will be lying on, which actually makes them stand out more. The range has been kept concise to keep the majority of anglers happy and we will consider expanding it as demand dictates. Personally, I would use either the smooth or textured leads because our underwater filming proves that both have superb camouflage properties.”