New personal best for Jae during first session in months!

A new baby has meant that Jae Wright’s fishing time has been very limited lately, but when he finally did manage to squeeze in a session he landed a quartet of fish, including three 20s.

Fellow Korda angler Josh Bennett had been enjoying a great run of fish at his syndicate lake, and invited Jae along for 48 hours, and he jumped at the chance having hardly been out during the past few months.

He revealed: “I wasted no time in getting set up in a swim that was available but didn’t feel 100% confident, and as soon as one of the swims which I’d have preferred became available I quickly packed away again and moved.

“I decided to spread my rods across three individual spots, and over each I put half-a-dozen large Spombs of Tails Up Pro Fruitz boilies, Deep Blue Particles hemp and Hinders Little Gemz with Pink Slime.

“Two of my rods were fished with seven inches of 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff to size 6 Kurv Shank hooks, and the third was fished in a Solidz XS PVA bag filled with Little Gemz 50/50 mix and using four inches of Supernatural braid to a size 6 Kurv Shank and with a pink plastic dumbbell as bait.”

He didn’t have to wait long for some action, and once the first fish was in the net the others followed in fairly quick succession.

He continued: “Around 7.30am the next morning the right-hand rod rattled off and produced a 17lb 3oz mirror, and hopeful of another bite I recast it to the spot and put another five Spombs of bait over the top of it.

“There was no more action that morning, but at 2.55pm the rod that I was fishing on a PVA bag screamed off and resulted in a mirror of 20lb 10oz with a stunning scale pattern.

“The wind direction was looking perfect for another bite, and sure enough at 4pm it was the right rod which produced again. Whilst I was playing it I caught a quick glimpse of the fish and knew that it was going to be a PB common for me, and sure enough it pulled the scales round to 24lb 12oz.

“I was over-the-moon with the result of the session and had a big smile from ear-to-ear as I was packing my gear away. Then suddenly the left-hand rod, which had remained motionless all session, produced another good common of 23lb. It just goes to show the importance of leaving the rods in the water until the last possible moment at the end of a session!”