New PB Is A Brute - John Claridge

Having fished on a Berkshire pit on and off for three years I had one remaining member of the A-team left to catch, the big one known as the Brute.
I felt that the Brute was more likely to trip up to a bottom bait and was using a new rig, which is very similar to one that I saw Adam Penning write about a few months back and had already had two good mirrors using it on the first two trips.

The bait is mounted on a soft hair made from 18lb Gravel Super Natural and trapped on the bend of a size-8 Choddy hook with a small length of silicone. I tie this to a two-inch length of 25lb Mouth Trap, which is then joined to a six-inch length of coated braid. Lastly, the Mouth Trap is gently curved.
I found the Brute along with three other fish in the bay enjoying the Autumn sun and spent all afternoon up and down a tree waiting patiently to cast in.
I'd tied one of the rigs, helicopter style onto five feet of leadcore with a 2oz lead to cut down on disturbance.
My chance came when they drifted out of the bay and casting the marker float long to the far side of the bay I wound it back to the middle and let it drop. A good thud was felt. I then drew it back over the sandy area that I knew was there and popped the float up at the smoothest point.
A single cast with a three-bait parachute stringer was good enough as it landed behind the float and a nice 'dink' was felt as the lead hit bottom. Fifteen baits completed the trap.
The take came just before 8am and was a ripper. I was on it straight away it took 40 yards off me straight away before I could tighten the clutch. The fight was all out in the lake and when, about five minutes in, I got it in close, up she popped and that huge scale on its flank identified that my quest was nearly over. She carried on wallowing to the net and a "Yeeeessss!!" echoed over the noise of the motorway, followed by the 'Brute' shout once I was 100 per cent certain.
At a personal best 48lb 2oz, she looked immaculate and a couple of hours later, after making tea for the lads, I closed the gate on that chapter of my angling. Job done!