New PB from Crete Lakes for Russell Godfrey!

Russell Godfrey has been having an amazing year on Yateley North Lake, and his run of good fortune continued when he travelled across the Channel.

He had a week booked on Crete Lakes, in France, with his mate Lee Graves, and although conditions proved to be far from ideal both of them ended up catching new PBs, with a couple of mid-50 mirrors!

The session didn’t get off to the greatest of starts when they discovered some information which didn’t exactly inspire them with confidence, as Russell revealed: “We decided to double up after drawing peg 10 on Lake One.

“As we’d done on our previous French trips we spent much of the first day finding out what was in front of us and trying to figure out how the fish were feeding in front of us, and then started to bait the spots to see if we could get the fish to move onto us, with Lee opting for a plateau 90 yards out, and I settled on a clear spot at 80 yards range.

“We were then dropped a bombshell when we were made aware that our peg hadn’t done a fish in the past three weeks and generally fished poorly, but there wasn’t much that we could do as we wouldn’t be able to move for at least 72 hours anyway.

“We didn’t let that news deter us, and on the second day we both had a fish each, with a new French PB of 55lb 6oz for me, and one for Lee at 54lb 12oz.

“I had another of 31lb 10oz later in the week, and Lee had three in a day, with fish of 48lb 12oz, 47lb 12oz and 43lb 2oz, so not a bad average size for the week!

“We were certainly chuffed to walk away with six fish, including two PBs from this trip, in what were extremely tough conditions and in a peg that had been fishing poorly. Once again Manilla seemed to crack the code when others could not!”

Both anglers baited with a mixture of whole and chopped 20mm Sticky Baits Manilla boilies soaked in Manilla Cloudy Liquid, and fished pop-ups over the top.

Russell landed his fish on size 6 Wide Gape hooks to Hybrid Stiff hook links, with a small break in the coating to act as a hinge for his pop-ups, fished helicopter style on SUB braid.