New PB for Bailey

Our very own Ian Bailey has been getting right among the fish recently, using particle tactics. Targeting a Colne Valley stillwater, Ian has taken a string of big ‘uns up to 40lb plus. “The lake had been fishing really well and I fancied a little summer holiday away from the deep pit that I’ve been concentrating on. I also knew that a change of tactics could score on there at this time of year. Although I can do it, I was keen to brush the dust off the spodding kit and get match-tight for a venue that I hope to fish in the future where spodding is essential.
I knew that there were a lot of yellow boilies going in so I included a large amount of corn in the spod mix, which also contained hemp, corn and pellets.”
Ian was using the new Dark Matter rig tubing for the first time and he wasted no time in giving it a thorough testing, banking a 40lb common, Nick Tail, on his first trip back. Nick Tail was a new fish for our man, who targeted a 7ft silty spot just off a snag line, near some dense weed. The weed called for Ian to drop the lead on the take, which he achieved by using a Hybrid Lead clip, set to drop the lead quickly. He used Supernatural braid rigs that ranged from six inches, up to 12 inches depending on how clear the spots were. His hook baits were either two pieces of plastic corn or 10mm Cell boilies topped with a piece of plastic corn. He avoided tangles by watching the rig carefully in flight “There’s an art to casting like this,” he told us! He went on to take a string of other fish, including a common called Split Tail at a new PB weight of 42lb 2oz.