New Norfolk Record - Richie Lofthouse

Korda’s Richie Lofthouse has broken the Norfolk record, capturing Babyface from Charity Lakes at a monumental 52lb. The giant mirror tipped the scales to 6oz above its previous best weight to record a new county record.
Those of you who have followed Richie’s diary pieces on this site will know that he’s been targeting the big ‘un since April. He recently lost the fish, suffering a hook pull. Richie had identified this recent spell of unseasonably hot weather as his last chance to trip the fish up off the surface – a tactic that he felt she was vulnerable to.
Rather than use conventional floaters, Richie fed cubes of bread because he’d noticed that the big fish had become wary of dog biscuits. Richie told us, “I had been feeding her all weekend and in one afternoon, she must have eaten over 100 cubes of bread! I did a night in an unfancied swim because I knew it was the best area to get her feeding off the top again the next day. Sure enough, as the day warmed up, she was soon taking more of my cubes of bread. Once she was confident, I positioned my hook bait and she took it almost immediately.” Richie then battled the giant through weed, having to take to the boat to eventually land her. With the boat spinning and weed enveloping Babyface, Richie was able to hand-line her into the net.

Richie banked his ninth different UK forty using a 3lb DF Longbow rod, a Daiwa SS2600 reel and 15lb Korda Subline main line. His end tackle included an interceptor controller, 9lb N-Gauge hook link and a size-six Wide Gape.