New MkII Stows hit shops in June

Following the amazing success of the original Korda Stow indicator system, a mark two version is hitting shops in early June with some key modifications and improvements.

Whilst staying faithful to the original “Elstow” bobbin design, with its line gripping clip and slim profile, several upgrades have been implemented to make a great product even better.

Chiefly, the line clip has been upgraded and features an internal spring to grip the line without damaging delicate mono or braid, providing the most sensitive of indications on both drop backs and conventional takes.

The indicator body is also slimmer and translucent, with room to house an internal Stow Lite isotope. Orange and black colours are also new for 2015, giving eight colour options in the range.

Korda’s Damian Clarke revealed the story behind the new Stows: “When we first released the Stows we could never have imagined just how popular they would be! Three years on and we have given them a facelift.

“Trying to make something like the originals, designed by Carl Pashley for fishing at Elstow, on a mass production scale was very difficult. Carl’s had whipped on carbon clips, which was simply impossible to do on the quantities we would have to make. The line clip on our first design did cause us some issues, especially with very thick diameter lines and we hold our hands up to that. Plastic simply isn’t like carbon, it doesn’t have that inherent stiffness needed to grip and recover.

“However, these new MKIIs have a beautifully designed clip - a sprung wire form is over-moulded with plastic to create the line clip, the wire is then inserted into the body and over moulded in place, gripping the line tightly, but not damaging it.

“I think we have created an improved version to those old whipped on carbon clips of Carl’s but with a new reduced diameter body, in translucent light refractive materials, ensuring that we have a new custom look Stow available in eight colours that perfectly fit all of the Stow range parts and accessories.”

The ready-to-go kit, with an RRP of £19.99, includes two different length of extension chains to suit different alarm styles. To work effectively, the Stow ideally should drop from the line on a straight forward take, and the short extension chain will achieve this when used with Delkim alarms, with the longer chain suited to other alarms such as Nevilles.

The chain locates into the hockey stick connector via a magnetic socket and easily disconnects for safe storage when it’s time to pack up, saving time and keeping the bobbin heads in perfect condition.

The new Stow system is compatible with the original Stow components including Stow Lite isotopes, chains, Stow-Stix connectors, 6g and 8g Overweights, Stow Bar snag ears and Stowaway Case.

All components are sold separately with the individual heads available for £6.99. Look out for them in shops from the first week of June.