New MARKER LEAD - Available Now

Finding areas to fish can be fairly easy, but it is locating those ‘spots within a spot’ that can make all the difference between catching and blanking at times, and that is where the new Korda Marker Lead will definitely make a difference!

The design is the brain-child of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, who had been using a lead originally designed for weed-clearing for this purpose, but due to them not being very aerodynamic, it limited where he could use it, and thus the Marker Lead was born.

It has a very aerodynamic shape, which means that it can be cast to the horizon, and the four moulded prongs which it features give a tremendous amount of ‘feel’ and feedback through the braid and rod, even when fishing at range.

The Marker Lead allows you to feel variations on the lakebed in situations where a standard lead would simply skip across it – such as patches of thinner silkweed – and an added bonus is that the prongs will pick up some of the debris on the bottom, allowing you to reel it in and inspect it.

This is a big plus when it comes to things such as silkweed, as it means you can check if a spot is covered in fresh, green weed which the fish will potentially feed upon, or dead, black stuff which they probably won’t. It also means that you will be able to identify spots within the area which are totally clean, and could well have been fed on.

It will also give you much greater feeling so that you are able to differentiate between differing sizes of stones on gravel areas – where feeding carp will often push any larger stones to the edge of the spot, leaving just shingly gravel remaining.

When it comes to fishing on clay, mud or silt it will also help you to find the harder spots, as when this lead glides across an area you know that it is going to be a proper hard spot, something which can be very tricky with a normal lead, even at shorter range.

This means that you can identify, with pinpoint accuracy, exactly where you would like to fish your rig, and of course tweak your set-up accordingly.

It is a good to use the lead on its own initially, as a marker float can hinder the way in which it performs, and then once you are clipped up you can quickly add a marker float to the set-up and check the depth.

The one situation where you would still be better off using our original Probe Lead is in thick weed, as the Marker Lead gets caught up in things like thick Canadian pondweed far too easily.

These leads are uncoated, which not only mean that there is no ‘dampening’ of what you are feeling, but also allows clay to adhere to the surface more easily, so you can see exactly what it looks like on the spot. A swivel means that it can easily be attached to the end of your main line via a loop and then quickly changed to a conventional marker set-up when needed.

There is a choice of three sizes – 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz – to cover everything from flicking a lead out at closer range where you want to minimise disturbance, but still want to accurately find spots to fish on, right through to slinging the heaviest one out towards the horizon.

The Marker Lead is priced at £4.99 with two mixed sizes per packet – either a 2oz and 3oz, or a 3oz and 4oz – and is available in all Korda stockists now, or via https://www.korda24.com