New Korda Releases

Once again, Korda has exceeded all expectations with a brand new range of products - innovative, technically perfect and designed for ease of use make them truly outstanding for an angler wishing to improve his angling by a country mile.

Designed as a stiff, high memory chod filament the Mouthtrap is set to get you stiff-rig fanatics trembling at the knees. No longer are you lumbered with the hassles of steaming your hooklengths to form that perfect curve, because with Mouthtrap you don’t have to. Simply rub it carefully with your fingers and voila…the perfect curve is created!
Finished in a light-green colour, the material is also particularly inconspicuous on the lake bed blending in with all manner of debris. So, if you’re keen on your choddies, hinged stiff rigs or combi’s go grab yourself a spool – available in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb!

The Skywinder is a development on arguably the best spod on the market, namely the Skraider. It propels through the air just like its sister and also retrieves just as well, the only difference is that it features less holes. Why? It’s simply so that it can be filled with water allowing you to use even smaller baits, with even less spillage. The perfect addition to an already mega successful spod range.

Kontour and Subline
During the Underwater Films, Danny remarked that main line was a huge factor in his fishing and that we had to bring out the perfect monofilaments. As a result, the boys have been busy creating yet even more monofilament to suit our needs. With Adrenaline already taking the market by storm, it was time to produce two completely different monos in the form of Kontour and Subline.
Kontour is an out and out fluorocarbon available in 12lb breaking strain – it sinks like a brick, is virtually invisible and casts beautifully compared to other fluoros on the market which generally cast like a bag of spanners. Danny Fairbrass has been having some mega results on it including fish to over 70lb. If your water is gin clear, there is no better line for the job!
The Subline is more of an all-rounder available in two camouflaged colours and four breaking strains. It’s smooth as silk, sinks wonderfully and casts like an absolute dream. If you want a line that ticks all the boxes, you must take a look.

There was always something missing from our popular PVA range and that was solid bags. Well, the new Solidz aren’t just any old bag because they had to meet certain requirements for our specialist bag users such as Ian Poole and Ali Hamidi. They are extremely robust having been made from the highest-grade film and can be lick and sticked with ease, eliminating the need for PVA string. Not only that, they leave no residue at all around your hook bait – what more could you want in a bag? Well, how about a bait scoop? Not only is each Solidz system packaged beautifully, it even comes complete with a unique bait scoop to help you load each bag with ease. The bags are available in four sizes.

To check out these wonderful new products, visit your nearest Korda stockist – you will be impressed!