New Korda products in tackle shops this month

With spring just around the corner, Korda have released some exciting and innovative new products that are sure to help you catch more carp this year.

Leading the way is the new Heli-Safe system – a clever product that solves the age-old problem of lead ejection on helicopter set-ups.

Previously, all manner of weak links, leadcore loops and PVA-based devices had sought to offer the possibility of ditching the lead when a fish is hooked, but none provided a satisfactory solution. That is, until now.

Utilising a spring-loaded mechanism that releases the lead when pressure is applied by a hooked carp, the streamline device can also be set up to retain the lead with the addition of a small collar, making the system incredibly versatile.

It’s ideal for long-range chod rig fishing, offering the ability to use a large lead to achieve the distance required, whilst ejecting the lead quickly to avoid it banging around near the carp’s head, and also avoiding hook pulls.

But it can also be used with any form of helicopter-based rig, and the addition of the small collar means PVA bags can be used without fear of unnecessary lead ejection. It’s an incredibly flexible system developed by Korda’s ace product development team, lead by Tom Dove.

It’s available in two subtle shades – weedy green and gravel brown – in packs of two for £4.99. They’re usable with any spliceable leader, such as Dura Kord or Kable leadore, or direct on the main line, naked chod-style.

Also in tackle shops now are the new Arma Kord Sinking 30lb leaders. This ultra abrasion-resistant material is a firm favourite for leaders and hook links in demanding angling situations in the 50lb version, with the 30lb variant offering a lower diameter option and amazing sinking properties.

If you’re tackling snaggy waters where strong, low-diameter braided leaders are a must, then Arma Kord is perfect for the job, particularly when dealing with zebra mussels, gravel bars, tree roots and rocky swims.

As a casting leader for spod and marker float work, it also provides exceptionally low diameter for the breaking strain, meaning your casts will go further with greater accuracy.

It’s also a great hook link material for demanding situations and in testing it’s caught huge fish on the continent plus it makes a great accompaniment to the Apex braided line.

For example, it’s perfect for fishing UK rivers, big pits and lakes with large snags and zebra mussel beds when you want the flexibility of a braid but with the abrasion resistance of a heavier material.

Available in 50m spools in sub brown colour, it also boasts extremely high knot strength and costs £19.99 per spool.

Korda’s specially developed Spod and Marker Braid are also now in tackle shops and both are manufactured from a high-performance, smooth braided material that casts incredibly well and retains excellent knot strength for the 20lb breaking strain.

The Spod Braid comes in high-viz green, which is very effective at keeping bird life away from your baited area, and the smooth construction means it casts long distances with ease and minimal chance of wind knots, crack-offs and frap-ups.

The Marker Braid comes in a subtler sub green shade and is the ultimate main line for feature finding and accurate marker float work. Use a Drop Zone Marker Float and Probe lead for the ultimate feature finding set-up.

We recommend an Arma Kord leader for use with both braids, attached with a back-to-back grinner knot. Attach your marker float or spod with a twice-through-the-eye grinner knot.

Both the Spod and Marker braids retail for £39.99 for 300m.

Look out for more clever new products from the Korda stable over the next few months and follow us on social media for videos on how to use our new products to catch more carp this year.