New Kit Out Now!

Get set for a big launch of new kit from Korda this week! We’re unleashing seven new products in one hit, all of which will be in your tackle shops later this week. First up, and most eagerly awaited would be the Kutter. We’ve had unprecedented levels of interest in this gadget since it was introduced on our free DVD in early 2012. There are three Kutters in the range, all of which will devour boilies, perfectly slicing them in double-quick time.
After that, we’ve got the next addition to the popular N-Trap range, Semi Stiff, in Weed Green. It’s a few notches stiffer than the N-Trap Soft that many of you guys already use. The all-important extra stiffness will add an extra dimension to your fishing, helping the rig to ‘reset’ and kick away from the lead more consistently. It’s set to be available in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions.
The simply beautiful Chod-It Tool is the third item in our big launch. It’s a piece of anodized, machined aluminium that we’ve sculpted to help you construct chod rigs every bit as neat as chod masters like Adam Penning. The Chod-It has a tapered point that is perfect for shaping the D-rig and a mushroom cap that’s ideal for tensioning swivel knots. It also features a recessed groove that’s been designed to help form the most perfect loops.
Those of you who are chod rig fans will also love our new Bait Floss, which has been designed to make tying your baits on easy and effective. The floss is flat in profile for grip, and one lick with a lighter flame and it goes see-though too!
Our first ever keyrings are part of this launch too, and there are three types: Skinny, Dog Tag and Discus, all of which look cool and are set to be in demand!
Finally, we’ve got a couple of variations on existing products, namely spare bottles of carp care liquids and spare marker flights!
All in all, there’s plenty of new gear for you to get your hands on. Keep an eye on the site because there’ll be new products coming out very soon to add to this launch.