New Kit OUT NOW!

Our latest cluster of new products is OUT NOW!

We’ve added super-attractive pop-up dumbells to the Fake Food range, introduced an XL fingerstall for the larger carper, and launched Season Eight of Thinking Tackle on DVD, just in time for Christmas!

Thinking Tackle Eight makes a great Christmas gift, whether you’re treating yourself or the angler in your life! The eight shows are packed with big fish action, top names and great venues. You learn new skills, rigs and tactics, as well as being thoroughly entertained along the way. The DVD is presented by Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi and features the likes of Simon Scott, Tom Dove, Jake Wildbore, Elliott Gray and Neil Spooner, so grab a copy and make yourself comfortable for a great watch.

Our new pop-up dumbells join the existing slow-sinking versions in what is sure to be the most popular imitation bait range around. They’re available in Ali’s favourite IB flavour (yellow), Dan’s Banoffee (white), Fruity Squid (pink) and, in contrast with the corn and maize ranges, Fishy Fish (brown). Fishy Fish is a blend of fish flavours that has been designed to mimic the attractors that leach out of trout pellets as they break down. Even the colour has been matched to imitate a washed-out pellet that has been lying on the lake bed for some time and is ‘safe’ to eat. We think that they’re possibly the finest solid PVA bag hook baits ever made!

Remember, the flavours are actually moulded into each plastic bait, rather than simply soaked on top, which makes them retain their flavour, trip after trip! Grab a pack and make your own mind up.

Our neoprene fingerstalls have proven popular since we launched them earlier this year. Rightly so too, because they’re simple, comfortable and rugged. The only complaints that we had were that we needed to make a bigger on, so we duly obliged. The fitted nature of these fingerstalls means that there are no straps needed. They’re a must if you’re trying for those extra few yards, especially with a braided leader! What’s more, they make perfect stocking-fillers for angling mates.