New Kit Launched

Ok, so you’ve seen the Choddy Kaptors now? Well, have you also seen the new Dark Matter tubing in silt colour? It’s the product that so many of you guys have been asking for since we released the original weedy green and gravel brown tubing last year. It’s super heavy, super supple and the matt finish blends perfectly with a silty lake bed. If silty lakes are your thing, then make sure you're carrying this gear...

What about the new Kontinental hooks – a beast of a pattern that’s been designed with snaggy waters and huge carp in mind? Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s perfect for use in this country, in the most challenging situations. A thick wire gauge, short shank and a slightly offset point will combine to give and keep the best hook holds around.

Perhaps if rig-tying isn’t your thing, then you need to check out the brand-new ready-tied KD rigs, which have been tied to Tom Dove’s exacting specification. Why waste time tying your own rigs when you can fish with rigs that are every bit as good as the ones that Team Korda use?

Finally, if you’ve read Darrell Pecks latest website feature about using balanced baits, you’ll want our new bait drills and cork sticks. They’ve been designed by the master of the Muzza, Tom Dove, and they’re the best that you’ll find. As always, we value your comments on new products, so if you want to let us know what you think, email us at products@korda.co.uk