New Kiana Goo products in shops now!

With the Goo range already established as amazing fish attractors since their launch, the Kiana team have been working to develop more devastatingly effective products in the Bait Smoke and Supreme ranges.

Here’s a rundown of the six new varieties and how to use them in your own fishing this year.

Mangonana Supreme
Combining several classic carp catching flavours, including mango, banana and guava, in one devastatingly effective mix, the Mangonana Supreme has been producing amazing results in field-testing throughout the summer, winter and spring. Perfect when soaked into a pop-up, bottom bait or zig, the amazing sweet smells and flavours have become a favourite amongst the Korda team already and will catch carp and specimen fish all year round.

Tiger Nut Smoke
Emulating the classic carp catching properties of tiger nuts and their combination of natural sugars and irresistible nutty taste, the Tiger Nut Smoke is ideal for soaking into tiger nuts and other hook baits. When dried on, the natural sugars used in the Tiger Nut Smoke will slowly ooze into the water column, providing an irresistible trail of attraction down to the hook bait.

Vindagoo Supreme
The carp-catching properties of spicy baits and additives has long been recognised and Vindgaoo Supreme is the ultimate evolution of this category of baits. Offering a red-hot combination of carefully selected spices and natural attractants, the Supreme will soak into any porous baits and then leak attractants over several hours, drawing carp to the hook bait. Ideal as an accompaniment to spod mixes containing chilli hemp or similar spicy feeds, the Vindagoo Supreme is hot, hot, hot!

King Crab Supreme and Smoke
Crustacean-based attractors are some of the all-time classics and the two King Crab Goos combine several unique carp-tempting flavours, attractors and aromas to make one of the most devastating Goo products ever. Giving the baits a deep pink-purple shade, they’re ideal for zigs, pop-ups or bottom baits in all water conditions. Soak baits for long periods in the Supreme to create long-lasting attracting properties and dry the Smoke onto the outside of baits for a devastating combination.

Chocolate Candy Smoke
With the proven track record of chocolate-based baits, the Chocolate Candy Smoke is a sure-fire winner on all types of waters with its combination of sticky-sweet chocolates and natural sugars offering a buffet for any carp with a sweet tooth. Ideal for boosting boilies or drying onto baits over long periods so they leak off attractants over many hours, the only limit to its applications is your imagination.

The new range of Kiana Goos are available in tackle shops now.